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Rubber Band Uses

A rubber band is an elasticated piece of rubber that is shaped in the form of a ring or loop. Rubber bands provide an easy and efficient way of holding many or several objects together as well as protecting items from rubbing or bumping into each other.

The fact that rubber bands are elastic and they come in various sizes, strength and thicknesses is an essential aspect of its function. Another important properties of a rubber band is that they are hard to tear and are resistant to water and low temperature, making them last longer. The bands can stretch and hold objects or goods firmly in place provided that, their elastic limit is not achieved.

Rubber bands have many advantages compared to alternative solutions. Firstly, rubber bands do not rust compared to paper clips and staples made from metal. If a document needs to be kept free of puncture, bands are highly recommended. A client can also provide information to the manufacturer on the type of bands they would need for them to efficiently carry out their operations.
Rubber bands will hold goods together preventing banging which can reduce the quality of the goods and reduce noise produced when these goods come into contact with each other. Pallet bands can also be produced to help with material handling in the warehouse for things like minimising spills during movement.
Currently, rubber bands are widely used in packaging of materials. Fragile products like glass and glass plates can be very difficult to transport. They are prone to breakage when being transported especially in rough terrain or bumpy roads. The breaking, however, can be minimized by arranging and tying the plates or glasses together before being placed in carton boxes. This prevents any movement among the objects hence eliminating collisions that cause breakages. In circumstances where many boxes are involved, the boxes can also be held together using pallet bands. Rubber bands can also be used in non- fragile products and items during transportation.Rubber bands are very useful with stationery. They can be used to bundle together stationary items that if left would scatter in the office, shop or home making the place look untidy. Pens, pencils, markers, and erasers are held together and placed in a known location making them easy to locate.
Rubber bands can also be used for storing files and large documents or boxes in order. The items can be stored for a very long time without them being lost or torn.

Bespoke bands are helpful in the packaging of clothing and footwear. Shirts, trousers or sweaters of similar sizes are tied together avoiding confusion during record keeping and help to minimise searching once delivered to the shop. Similarly, pairs of shoes can be wrapped using the bands eliminating mix up of the shoes during transportation and also during selling.

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