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Automotive Industry – Case Study

Automotive Industry Case Study

We work within a number of industries and manufacture custom rubber bands to suit a variety of uses. Read how we can help customers within the automotive industry.

What do we do?

Icon Flexpack work closely with a number of customers within the automotive industry to provide custom rubber bands for a range of uses, more often than not for packaging. We have a variety of materials (grades/qualities of rubber and synthetic rubber) at our disposal and we stock a vast majority of sizes of band across the board meaning that 90% of the time we are able to manufacture a bespoke rubber band to suit a client needs, we also more often than not can have the bands ready within 3-4 working days. On other occasions, we can get specified pantones/colours to match your requirements within 4-6 weeks.

Our supreme rubber bands are used by automotive customers for a variety of applications, whether it be simply keeping cables together on engines or components or masking filters and parts for spraying. For example, we can produce finished bands that will withstand the certain temperatures in a spray booth.

custom rubber bands

custom rubber bands

How do we do it?

The automotive industry is very demanding and general ‘everyday’ rubber bands will not cut it in most situations as they will perish quite easily or the strength just isn’t right or they are a little flimsy for the job they are required to do. Icon Flexpack work closely with manufacturers of our raw materials allowing us to source and supply the exact natural rubber/EPDM/silicone and synthetic rubbers depending on the client’s needs.

Most of our automotive industry customers supply vehicles and components to various parts of the world and certain temperatures can affect the way that a rubber band behaves. For example, if the band is exposed to UV rays certain bands may perish more quickly, on the other hand if temperatures are too cold this can also prove difficult for certain bands. We recently helped a major automotive company in overcoming similar difficulties by manufacturing bespoke rubber bands purely for this need.

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