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Blue rubber bands | Size 30 | 50X3mm


Ideal for wrapping small cards in the printing industry. Blue rubber bands give an alternative to your everyday natural colour.

Discover our Blue Rubber Bands Size 30, measured at 50x3mm, making them an essential tool for a wide array of tasks. These Blue Rubber Bands Size 30 are highly sought after in the food industry for bundling herbs like coriander, thanks to their ideal balance of flexibility and strength.

Our Blue Rubber Bands Size 30 are crafted for versatility. Whether you need to securely wrap a single item or require an extra hold by doubling them up, these bands are perfectly suited for the job. Their distinctive blue hue aids in quick identification and makes them ideal for colour-coding, streamlining organisation effortlessly.

Each package of our Blue Rubber Bands Size 30 is carefully packed in polythene bags, with the total weight per bag at approximately 454 grams, ensuring you receive around 950 bands per pound, offering unparalleled efficiency and value.

For those seeking detailed specifications or looking to understand the full range of applications, our ‘Size Guide for Blue Rubber Bands Size 30’ provides all the necessary information. Additionally, our downloadable ‘Your Guide to Blue Rubber Bands Size 30.”


Weight 0.454 kg

bands used for asparagus


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Blue rubber bands | Size 30 | 50X3mm