Ideas for Recycling Latex Rubber Bands

latex rubber bandsLatex rubber bands are produced using rubber that comes from the rubber tree plant and this is a sustainable product. Each tree is around six years old before the tapping process begins and an average rubber tree will produce around 19 pounds of latex rubber each and every year, many trees will be tapped for almost 30 years. Once each tree reaches the end of its productivity, it will usually be cut down and the wood used to create furniture items, and a new tree will be planted in its place so that the cycle can start again.

More and more these days we are trying to focus on recycling, and when we say recycling we mean recycling everything. With this in mind, we are always looking at ways to recycle latex rubber bands, but you cant recycle the vast majority of rubber bands at recycling centres so we need to come up with other ideas.

Many people nowadays are starting to think more about the environment and care more about our planet, we’ve come up with a few ideas about reusing rubber bands at work and home.

Here are a few great ideas

First and foremost, the trusty rubber band ball is a firm favourite, and it does have its advantages, it can easily be used as a stress ball and help with focussing on tasks and things that need doing, building a rubber band ball is a great task as well.

You can donate latex rubber bands to local schools as schools are always on the lookout for supplies, new or used.

You can wrap the base of your liquid soap pump with a rubber band, this will reduce the amount of soap delivered by the pump saving you soap and recycling a band.

You can actually use large rubber bands to open stubborn jars.

Take a packed lunch to work or do the kids take one to school? Nothing seals a bag better than a rubber band.

Rubber bands wrapped around both sides of the shoulder area on a coat hanger will stop clothes from slipping off them.

A couple of rubber bands wrapped around either side of your chopping board will stop it sliding up and down the kitchen worktop.

A rubber band wrapped around the sun visor in the car will help keep things in a safe place such as sunglasses or receipts etc.