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Our products and rubber bands UK

Supreme Rubber Bands

Supreme Rubber Bands from Icon Flexpack in Brown Colour and Wide Cut

Lobster Banding Tools

Picture of our lobster Banding Tools. A set of lobster banding pliers with a black handle and a yellow lobster band on the end


A handful of purple lobster bands UK distribution. The lobster bands are small and durable.

Heavy Duty Rubber Bands

Close up shot of a UK heavy duty rubber band

Industrial Rubber Bands

Black Industrial Rubber Bands for UK Distribution. Suitable for Pallets, Commercial and Industrial Heavy Duty Usage


Exercise Bands, Including Latex and Latex Free, Blue, Red, Black, Wide and Large Exercise Bands from the UK


Cable Ties UK Showcasing a Selection of White, Yellow and Black Colours


Pallet bands UK manufactured and distributed. Here we have a selection of colours, in red, blue, green and black pallet bands.

Coloured Elastic Bands

Coloured Elastic Bands in Brown, Black, Blue, Red and Green

Food Safe Bands

Food Safe Bands UK - Picture of some green asparagus held together by yellow food safe rubber bands

Latex Free Bands

A Bundle of Multicoloured Latex Free Rubber Bands UK Style in Red, Yellow, Green and Blue

Clear Elastic Bands

Clear Elastic Bands in Big, Wide and Large Styles

Rubber bands UK distribution through
innovation and technology.


We offer a tailor-made dropshipping service.


We are one of the UK’s largest stockists of rubber bands.

Flexible Solutions

Whether you are looking for 1 packet or 1oo pallets. Icon Flexpack Ltd. can deliver.

Global Distribution

We ship not only to the UK but our products are distributed throughout the globe.

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