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Great Uses of Custom Rubber Bands

custom rubber bands

Custom Rubber Bands to help you get organised with and for Promotional Uses

Whether you are in the office, at home, or elsewhere doing what you need to do, staying organised makes your life easy. That is where rubber bands come in, they help you to stay organised and they are inexpensive. Furthermore, if you have custom rubber bands, you can use them to market your business or organization. For example, you may use them to promote your brand, new products, or run an awareness campaign about issues affecting communities locally or globally.

Hand Out Rubber Bands to Office Employees and Clients
You could give your employees and clients custom rubber band balls branded with your business name and logo. They can use the rubber band balls as erasers to be used when using pencils, or simply brighten to their desks. They can also use them to secure pencils, pens, and other small items. If they pass them around to their friends or kids, then you’re taking advantage of free advertising for your business.

At Icon Flexpack we can manufacture all kinds of rubber bands, and in a variety of colours and sizes, we can also have them branded to suit your marketing needs. You could use different colours as incentives for different levels of success in the workplace. They can serve as gestures for recognition for small achievements and act as a way of encouraging constructive competition in the working environment.

Rubber bands in fitness
We can manufacture training bands to be used in a variety of ways and these can be branded and in as many colours as required. Rubber headbands to secure long hair in the gym can also be very effective in promoting your brand.

Give Away Rubber Bands At open days and Conferences
During open days, you can have specially designed rubber bands to give out as souvenirs. For greater success, we can make these to be brightly coloured and well-branded rubber bands to attract attention. This can be an effective way of introducing people to your brand or to send out a message to people whose attention maybe hard to get. For example, you may wish to advertise a soup kitchen or a cooking academy, you could send branded rubber bands to chefs, cooks, as well as your Academy students or regular customers.

Chefs in kitchens can use rubber bands to stay organised when prepping or cooking. They can use them to secure culinary accessories and utensils in one place in drawers. They can also use them to tie the ends of bags to keep produce fresh and to stop bags opening up and exposing food to air and contamination, and because the rubber bands are reusable, they are not as wasteful as using tape.

Whenever you meet a customer or a client, you have an opportunity to grab some free advertising. Give them a few branded and colourful rubber bands and let them advertise your brand to those they meet afterward. Colourful, branded bands will easily attract attention.

Contact us now and let us talk about some ideas of how to use custom rubber bands to promote your business.