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Coloured Elastic Bands

Coloured Elastic Bands from the UK

Icon Flexpack Ltd. have been leading the way in the UK when it comes to coloured elastic bands for years. Whether you are looking for blue rubber bands, black rubber bands, red rubber bands or even green rubber bands, we have the UK’s largest selection of coloured rubber bands in stock.

Our heavy duty coloured elastic bands come wide and big, but we also stock smaller elastic bands to cater for every scenario.

The coloured bands can be used for exercising by using as a resistance band. But are more commonly used for printing, the mail room and on the warehouse floor.

That is to say that these premium coloured elastic bands are befitting for any aspiring company looking for a reliable rubber bands UK supply partner.

We can build bespoke packages for all eventualities, so giving our team a call on the UK number: 01282 451290 or contacting us online is the recommended way to register your interest.

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