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Heavy Duty Rubber Bands

Heavy duty rubber bands and industrial rubber bands offer much more tension and a longer life expectancy.

Although NOT UV resistant, the wall thickness is nearly 3 times that of a standard rubber band, which takes the band much longer to degrade and eventually snap.

These bands can be used for any general application to give a strong hold. A longer lasting heavy duty rubber band can be used repeatedly, can be bent, twisted and stretched on numerous occasions before their elasticity begins to deteriorate.

They are perfect for the mailing room, retail outlets, industrial warehouses or even for regular everyday usage. Sizes are measured as standard. Laid flat length (x) width of the band (x) wall thickness and come in packed bags of 20 units per bag.

These specific sizes can have a variety of uses, such as:

  • keeping shoe-box lids firmly closed.
  • Container liners (hanging clips).
  • Tent pegs.

Feel free to make an order via our online store, or get in touch with us on 01282 451290 and one of our team will be able to discuss your requirements with you in more detail.

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