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Industrial Rubber Bands


Our industrial rubber bands are big. So big, that they can be used on heavy duty machinery and withstand the huge strains put on them with relative ease.

With our biggest machine cutting up to 75mm in thickness, we can produce bands for use with vehicles such as tractors and road sweepers.

Sizes Range from as small as 40x4mm to as large as 300x75mm. Our high speed cutters ensure accurate widths and precise cutting keeping the wheels turning of the industrial rubber bands UK industry.

Examples for uses of these industrial rubber bands include:

  • Masking for spray painting, i.e fuel pumps on tractors.
  • Drive belts.
  • Road sweepers.

Whatever the use we’re sure we can adapt to your needs. Whether you’re looking for industrial rubber bands or simply a bulk order of high strength pallet bands, Icon Flexpack have you covered.

Please call 01282 451290 or email for further details.


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