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Latex Free Rubber Bands

Latex Free Rubber Bands UK

A Bundle of Multicoloured Latex Free Rubber Bands UK Style in Red, Yellow, Green and Blue

Allergic reactions to exposure to natural rubber latex (NRL) have increased significantly over the years, particularly within healthcare occupations.

Our aim is to supply Latex Free Rubber Bands , specialising in use for Hospitals, Schools and the Pharmaceutical industry.

The Latex Free Rubber Bands we supply are manufactured to the highest quality and standards, working directly with the manufacturers we will ensure that you get the right latex free elastic bands for the job, not to mention the our range of standard everyday elastic bands, big elastic bands, industrial rubber bands, lobster bands and many more.

Latex Free Bands are available in a variety of sizes and colours and are manufactured from synthetic Polyisoprene. The bands are suitable for all medical, lab, educational, exercising bands and banding pallets where sensitivity to latex proteins could cause problems.

Latex Free rubber bands have excellent tensile strength, high per-pound band count, soft stretch for easy application.  They can be custom designed for your application and can be re-used for longer life.  They meet Federal Specification AA-131-A and our latex free rubber bands UK stock pile is one of the most comprehensive in the country.

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