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Lobster Banding Tools

Lobster Banding Tools UK

Lobster banding tools are ideal for those smaller bands that cannot be stretched by hand thus giving a much tighter grip around the claw.

The stainless steel pliers have an excellent life span as stainless steel does not corrode, rust or stain with water in the same way that ordinary steel might.

Our heavy duty elastic bands designed for keeping the lobster’s claws closed, are durable, food safe and can handle the boiling temperatures of the pan.

Our supreme lobster bands sizes 15x10mm RED & 25x13mm NATURAL are the most commonly used bands with this product. Call our sales team on 01282 451290 if you require any more information.

Visit our online store to purchase some of our supreme lobster bands and why not pick up some lobster banding tools while you’re there. Don’t end up feeling the pinch.

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