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Pallet Bands UK

Pallet Bands UK

Rubber pallet bands UK are a cost effective alternative to plastic film or tape, are ideal for warehouse pallet movement and storage. Banding for pallets should not be used once and thrown away. Our rubber bands for pallets can be reused time and time again for ultimate cost-efficiency.

– During movement of part made goods from one owned plant or depot to another, or different parts of the same factory.
– Holding flat cartons or cases in bundles.
– Holding down flaps on made-up cartons & cases to facilitate packing, particularly on conveyor systems.
– Our versatile pallet rubber bands can also be used to retain heavy duty protective pallet load covers in position.

Made from a tough industrial rubber band compound, our UK pallet bands give a firm but gentle grip on any load.

Pallet bands UK manufactured and cut and can be fitted by hand: One size will suit many different pallet loads.

Supreme pallet bands can be reused time and time again.
Sizes are measured flat length x width. i.e, 1200mm x 40mm
Please take a look at the avaialable sizes available to buy online.

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