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Throughout the recent pandemic, demand has been quite high for most packaging products and this also included our rubber bands. A customer packing for one of their clients required a custom-made band to fit around much-needed hand sanitizer. Rather than an ‘every day’ standard rubber bands, the client wanted a clean look to accompany the product.


In line with customers requirements, we offered various Pantone matches to corporate colours, after much deliberation we decided together that a CLEAR elastic band would best suit the product. Being latex-free this also covered any medical aspects the sanitizers may be used in.
Latex Free Rubber Bands
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Through the many industries, we deal both directly and indirectly with we often face challenges. In this case, a customer who built engines shipped them all over the world, but with this came the problem of a huge variation in temperature – from minus 20 to 60 degrees c we needed a band that could act consistently.


After many different trials we finally settled on a band with an added inhibitor of graphite, this ensured that the band was not affected by extreme temperatures, therefore, doing the job needed to hold the cable on to a part.

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