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When something is required for a specific job then a bespoke solution is usually best as the product you need will be built according to your requirements. At Icon Flexpack we can supply bespoke rubber bands for individual requirements, circumstances and projects.

Rubber bands can be used for a selection of jobs in both administrative environments and industrial. Bands can be manufactured in a number of ways, and with their strength and elasticity they are an ideal choice for a wide number of uses, they are also re-usable meaning they can be extremely cost-effective.

Icon Flexpack understands that you may have a specific requirement in mind for your rubber bands, and we can, therefore, manufacture and supply a product tailored to that requirement.

We provide bands for lots of requirements.

A recent project undertaken was to supply rubber bands for a packaging company, the bands were used to protect items from rubbing against each other and banging each other during transportation, we worked with the customer to design and craft a band that was big enough, strong enough and hard wearing enough to do the job required.

Sometimes, a simple product such as a rubber band can be the answer to a massive problem.

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Lobster bands are rubber bands that are used to protect people from handling live lobsters while also protecting them from other lobster and crab. Our high-quality lobster bands help to keep minimal damage to the soft-shelled lobster claws, all the time protecting the quality and flavour of the meat.

We offer different grades of lobster bands suitable for both soft-shelled lobsters or hard shell lobsters. Icon Flexpack are a leading lobster band supplier and our rubber bands are made with excellent cold resistant properties that maintaining strength and stretchability.

Our lobster bands are made using synthetic non-latex rubber providing a good stretch and that securely hold the product

Lobster wholesaler? Restaurant owner? Contact us on 01282 451290 to discuss bulk orders and how we can customise bands with colour, amounts and sizes as well as possible branding options.

Pallet Bands are used to keep stacked pallets stable and secure in warehouse spaces on the shop floor and in transit. Our quality Pallet Bands can also be used as a way of identifying different pallets and products or as a safety buffer, protecting the contents of the pallet. Determine what you need from a pallet band such as size, colour etc and then give us a call to discuss your needs.

Our Pallet Bands can stretch to around 300 % of their relaxed size and are reusable, the most common bands are Black in colour and are UV stabilized but we can usually make any band you may require, just ask .

Most commonly available in lengths of 400mm 600mm, 900mm and 1200mm.