Bespoke rubber band solutions

We provide rubber band solutions for all industries with bespoke sizes and colours to suit your project.

Latest bespoke projects


Problem: During the pandemic, heightened demand for packaging materials extended to rubber bands. However, a client specialising in hand sanitiser products sought a more refined solution than standard rubber bands for a cohesive brand image.

Solution: We recognised the need for packaging that matched the quality of their product. Through collaboration, we developed custom-made rubber bands that seamlessly integrated with the hand sanitiser packaging, creating a clean and professional aesthetic.


To align with the client’s brand image, we provided a range of Pantone-matched color options for the rubber band. After careful consideration, we jointly selected a clear elastic band for its clean aesthetic and latex-free composition, ensuring suitability for medical environments where the sanitiser might be used.

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Our diverse clientele, spanning various industries, presents unique challenges. One notable example involved a customer manufacturing engines for global distribution. The extreme temperature fluctuations, ranging from -20°C to 60°C, demanded a specialised rubber band solution that maintained consistent performance.


Through rigorous trials, we developed a custom rubber band with a graphite inhibitor. This innovation solved the temperature-resistance challenge, guaranteeing the cable’s secure attachment to the part in any climate.

Our in house manufacturing and warehousing system means we can produce, store and deliver when it suits your business.