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Off the shelf standard sizes

Lay flat length

Rubber band width

Approx metric mmImperial1.5mm3mm6mm9mm13mm
301 1/4″10
401 1/2″122860
602 1/2″1631627282
873 1/2″1933647484
2008″Call usCall usCall usCall us70

Pallet bands

Recently a major UK retailer had to reduce plastic waste and in line with government, guidance looked for alternative ways to this. One aspect was shrink/pallet wrap. As the customer often picked items from pallets it meant unwrapping then re-wrapping pallets. Our pallet bands offer a simple resolution, whilst keeping pallets secure, they can be reused multiple times.

Industrial bands

One of our most valued customers has been using our industrial bands for 30 years now. When we bought the company back in 2005 we were lucky enough to inherit them. When spraying varies parts of machinery our custom made bands are placed over filters and other parts so that these are kept clean and paint free. The bands are then simply cut off and recycled.
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Food safe bands

Across the food industry, our rubber bands are used in many ways, from Spring onions which use some of our smallest bands to banding boxes together for transport purposes. These provide a quick and easy solution to keeping produce together, also minimizing the use of ‘single-use plastics’. All bands are manufactured in conformity with EU regulations (1935/2004/EC Framework directive) and US FDA regulations (CFR 21,177.2600).

Our in house manufacturing and warehousing system means we can produce, store and deliver when it suits your business.