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Rubber Pallet Bands

A leading UK retailer recently faced the imperative of decreasing plastic waste. Following government directives, the retailer sought innovative substitutes, including rubber pallet bands.

The focus included addressing the use of shrink and pallet wrap. Given that customers frequently extract items directly from pallets, this practice necessitated the unwrapping and subsequent re-wrapping of pallets. Here, our rubber pallet bands present an uncomplicated solution that not only maintains pallet security but also permits multiple reuses.

Industrial rubber bands

For three decades, a cherished client has relied upon our industrial rubber bands. Following our acquisition of the company in 2005, we were fortunate to inherit this valuable asset.

These custom-engineered bands play a pivotal role when applying paint to diverse machinery components. They are strategically positioned over filters and other vital parts to safeguard them from paint and contaminants during the spraying process. Once the task is complete, the bands are effortlessly severed and then repurposed through recycling.

food safe rubber bands

Food safe rubber bands

Our food-safe rubber bands play a multifaceted role within the  food industry. They are utilised across various applications – from securing spring onions with our smaller bands to bundling boxes for efficient transportation.

These bands offer a swift and convenient method for maintaining the cohesion of produce, while simultaneously reducing reliance on disposable plastics. Importantly, all our bands adhere to rigorous manufacturing standards in accordance with EU regulations (1935/2004/EC Framework directive) and US FDA regulations (CFR 21,177.2600).

Off the shelf standard sizes

Lay flat length

Rubber band width

Approx metric mmImperial1.5mm3mm6mm9mm13mm
301 1/4″10
401 1/2″122860
602 1/2″1631627282
873 1/2″1933647484
2008″Call usCall usCall usCall us70

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