Pallet bands | 900x40mm | BLUE


Pallet bands are becoming an alternative solution to plastc wrap used within a warehouse. Moreso now with the upcoming Plastic Tax its an ideal for companies to reduce plastic wast in and around the warehouse. Easy to apply these can be used single-handedely and take seconds to use. Ideal for multiple layer pallets where operators can quickly take off the bands and re use.

Price breaks are available for higher quantities ordered.

Availability: 300 in stock (can be backordered)

Pallet bands – rubber bands 1.8 metre circumference (0.9 metre lay flat) x 40mm wide

– 1 pallet band

– Multiple uses including moving around a warehouse

–  Environmentally friendly and re-usable which saves waste such as plastic pallet wrap

– Approx weight 200 grams

– Ideal for use with Euro pallets or drums on pallets.

Blue Colour


Weight 100 kg



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