Pallet Band Uses and Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Looking for ways to reduce plastic waste is something that we all need to do to help the environment. With current pressures on larger organisations who have lots of packaging waste, now is the time to act to help do our bit to save the planet.

Over the last few years, we have slowly gained more and more custom with small to medium and large companies looking to reduce their plastic waste.

Looking at a recent case study, we had a leading UK electronics company storing over 10,000 pallets in their warehouse. It became apparent that when goods had to be picked and packed, employees were concerned about the amount of shrink wrap that was being wasted as they had to unwrap pallets to get products off, meaning they then had to re-wrap the pallets to get them secure again in the warehouse, thus leading to excess plastic waste which was often going into landfill.

Of course, in some cases shrink wrap is something that many warehouses throughout the world heavily rely on to secure loads onto pallets, however, if companies such as the one mentioned here can reduce their waste by a percentage we can all work together to reduce our carbon footprint.

The client came to us as they were interested in our Pallet bands, we had in-depth discussions about exactly what and how they moved around the warehouse and it was decided to try two sizes of our pallet bands in different colours, this was to help identify sizes of pallets and the items on them. After successful trialling, they have now rolled this out across a number of sites reducing their packaging waste significantly.

The company still uses shrink-wrap when sending goods out for delivery but has had a great response from using our pallet bands. With some heavy-duty items on pallets, it’s also an excellent way of transporting items around the warehouse as they don’t move from the pallets.

As well as being reusable a number of times the natural rubber used in the product is also biodegradable and will decompose over time, having a better impact on the environment.

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