TPE Rubber Bands In Bespoke Colours

Rubber bands are part of daily life for most people, whether it be wrapping around banknotes or using them as bobble, most of us are familiar with rubber bands. Made from natural rubber they certainly serve a purpose for whatever they’re needed for. When using the bands 99% of people would just use them without giving much thought to how these are made, or wouldn’t give any thought to size or colour but when it comes to branding your products these things can make a difference!

Over recent years we have had more demand from clients for something that ‘looks that bit better than a general everyday rubber band especially in retails sectors where bands are used on products at the point of sale. Considering this we now offer a service which enables clients to Pantone match bands to their needs. Recent examples include cosmetic products/healthcare products (as the bands are free from latex) and many more. This enables the clients to have that brand identity throughout.

Looking at a recent example we have just been working closely with a company that manufacture credit cards for banks, their client came to them requesting a band that goes around a small wallet that holds their credit cards in when sending them out.

A solution was needed but standard natural coloured bands didn’t really achieve the look they wanted so we discussed the options of our TPE range and incorporating client colours into this.
From a promotional point of view, it does work very well and looks very effective when receiving your new card but also adding that extra brand strength they used a small but very vibrant band in a colour matched to their company colours, as well as serving a purpose by keeping the wallet closed these can also be reused for a multitude of things.

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