BLACK rubber bands | 120X15mm Bespoke Size


Large bands bespoke. Black rubber bands give an alternative to your everyday natural colour.

Availability: 19 in stock (can be backordered)

Black rubber bands, sized at 120x15mm, perfect for a wide range of general purposes. Particularly favoured in the food sector, especially for herbs such as coriander.

These compact Black rubber bands offer flexibility; they can be used individually to secure a single item or doubled up for added strength. Their striking black colour facilitates easy identification of specific products, making these rubber bands ideal for colour-coding various items.

Each pack is carefully packaged in polythene bags, with each bag weighing 454 grams. With an approximate yield of 950 bands per pound, you’ll have an ample supply of rubber bands to tackle your organisational needs.

For guidance on selecting the right size of rubber bands, please consult our size guide.



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BLACK rubber bands | 120X15mm Bespoke Size

Availability: 19 in stock (can be backordered)