Large rubber bands | 200x15mm


Bigger bands for more industrial rubber band use.

Large rubber bands

Large heavy duty natural rubber bands. These essential tools offer the perfect combination of strength and flexibility, making them indispensable for a variety of tasks.

Product Details:

  • Size: Specifically sized, each band measures 200mm in length and 15mm in width when laid flat, providing versatility in securing items of varying sizes and shapes.
  • Quantity: Each bag contains approximately 50 rubber bands, ensuring an ample supply to meet your needs for bundling documents, organising office supplies, and more.


  • Weight: Packaged in convenient 454-gram (1 lb) packs, these natural rubber bands are designed for efficient storage while ensuring you never run short. The compact packaging keeps your workspace tidy and well-stocked.

Colour and Versatility:

  • Colour: The natural colour of these large rubber bands adds a touch of simplicity and distinction, making them easy to integrate into any setting and quickly spot among other items.
  • Versatility: Perfect for various projects, including bundling documents, organising supplies, and securing packages.

Experience the Benefits:

Experience the reliability and convenience of our natural rubber bands, designed to streamline your daily tasks and enhance your organisational efforts. Their versatile size, ample quantity, and simple appearance make them a valuable addition to any workspace. Whether for office, home, or industrial use, these rubber bands are your go-to solution for keeping things organised and secure.

Heavy Duty Industrial rubber bands


Weight 0.454 kg



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Large rubber bands | 200x15mm