Purple rubber bands Size 63 | 80x6mm


Ideal for wrapping small cards in the printing industry. Purple rubber bands give an alternative to your everyday natural colour. Purple rubber bands size 63 are easily identified if certain products need colour coding.

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Introducing our resilient and vibrant Purple rubber bands, an essential addition to your organisational arsenal.

Each bag contains a generous quantity of rubber bands, specifically sized No. 63, ensuring you have an ample supply for various tasks. Measuring at 80mm in length and 6mm in width when laid flat, these bands offer versatility in securing items of varying sizes and shapes.

Packaged in convenient 454-gram (1 lb) packs, these Purple rubber bands provide an efficient storage solution while ensuring you never run short. With approximately 500 bands per bag, you can tackle a multitude of projects with ease, from bundling documents to organising office supplies.

The striking purple colour of these rubber bands adds a touch of vibrancy to your workspace, making them easy to spot and differentiate among other items. Whether you’re colour-coding files or adding a pop of colour to your packaging, these bands are sure to stand out.

Experience the reliability and convenience of our Purple rubber bands, designed to streamline your daily tasks and enhance your organisational efforts.

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Purple rubber bands Size 63 | 80x6mm

Availability: 48 in stock